Gable Bookkeeping History & Background

Gable Bookkeeping was established in early 2015 by current owner and senior bookkeeper, Teryl Gable, out of a desire to utilize her 10 years of bookkeeping experience to assist her friends and neighbors with their small business bookkeeping needs.  Over the last two years, we have been growing and expanding our services and we are excited that, after considerable testing, our innovative technology stack and high-security cloud accounting software now allows us to serve our busy clients no matter where their businesses, lifestyles or dreams may take them.  In fact, that’s part of our mission statement…

Mission Statement

Gable Bookkeeping is helping small businesses grow stronger, more profitable, and more efficient through innovative technology stacks, high-security cloud accounting, and profit advisory services so their owners, employees and customers can live better, more fulfilling lives. 

Core Values

We value open and honest communication, we will move mountains to keep our promises, and we’re consistent and reliable.  We are continually learning and growing, educating ourselves on the latest trends and technologies, and looking for ways to improve our services.  We know the importance of work/life balance and continually strive to make it easier for our clients, our employees, and ourselves.

Team Standards

Our bookkeepers are required to fulfill four standards – education, experience, testing & training:

  • Education: Must be a certified bookkeeper or beyond
  • Experience: Minimum 5 years’ experience
  • Testing: Must have successfully completed the Pure Bookkeeping Skills Assessment
  • Training: Must have successfully completed The Pure Bookkeeping Training Program

We had been let down by bookkeepers who claimed that they were proficient in our software but we found the opposite was true when they started the processing. So we now use the Pure Bookkeeping Skills Assessment to test the applicant’s software proficiency and general bookkeeping skills. This must be completed successfully before they have an interview. That has helped enormously to weed out inexperienced candidates. Once selected, they complete the Pure Bookkeeping Training Program – an intensive theoretical and practical training in all aspects of the Pure Bookkeeping System before starting as one of our bookkeepers.

Where We Operate

Thanks to our high-security cloud accounting software and ever-growing technology stack we are able to serve our clients anywhere in the United States! You really can know the state of your business no matter where you live or where you travel… through the marvels of video conferencing and cloud accounting software with bank level security, you can meet with your bookkeeper and stay on top of your business whether you are up to your eyeballs in work or relaxing on the beach.